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Awesome: Zone of the Enders
  • Leo manages to pull out all the stops at the end of the first game, saving his home colony and killing the psychotic Viola in the process.
  • Jehuty's destruction of BAHRAM's entire offensive force, including their primary fleet and planetary siege Orbital Frame, single handedly.
  • The final battle with Nohman in The 2nd Runner. You get an upgrade that almost makes Jehuty feel like a Physical God, and then, you fight him inside the BAHRAM headquarters Aumaan, with both you and Nohman being superpowered. And, when you defeat Nohman, after the following cutscene that shows Nohman gloating about how he killed Dingo's comrades, Dingo simply and calmly tells him that they're waiting for him now, then you get to do the finishing move on Nohman by either blowing him up or by slashing him to pieces.
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