Awesome: Yu-Gi-Oh! The Falsebound Kingdom

  • Tristan has a good eye for strategy in the game and was organizing the resistance by himself while he waited for Yugi.
  • Ryou Bakura's plan to help out is to sneak into the enemy base, wait a day, and then set the place on fire to take out the cannons. He's so eager to do this that Yami Yugi canít stop him.
  • Tristan is the only one of Yugi's close circle of friends to resist Scott's mind control.
  • Yami Yugi gets heartwarming moments with everyone in the game, and that includes Seto Kaiba. As soon as he hears Mokuba's been taken, he makes a plan to help get him back.
  • Yami Yugi dismantles Scott's bluff to brainwash everyone again and calls him out on why he wouldn't make the game more unbalanced—for some reason he needs the world to be fair.
  • Kaiba spends 90 percent of his campaign being awesome, trolling the game characters, telling off Scott Irvine, and even telling off DarkNite/Nitemare.
    Nitemare: I will devour every last one of your souls! You will spend an eternity in darkness and tormented pain!
    Kaiba: Go back to the fairy tale you come from!
  • In Kaiba's campaign, Pegasus approaches him in secret and asks him to join the resistance as its leader.
  • Pegasus tells Yugi about Mokuba being kidnapped, convincing him to fake a surrender to buy Kaiba the time he needs to rescue his brother.
  • In Joey's campaign, Mai saves him from Marik's combined forces and immediately makes a plan to bring him down. It works perfectly.
  • Joey has several rematches against an NPC version of Marik, who eventually wields the Winged Dragon of Ra as Yami Marik. Joey wins, leaving Yugi and Kaiba's campaigns free of a powerful enemy duelist.
  • This is the only moment ever where Joey can fight and defeat Kaiba, and the game makes sure you know it.
  • Scott Irvine gets villainous awesome moments by going from a random technician to a force to be reckoned with, outmaneuvering the heroes several times throughout the game and manipulating them to do his bidding.