Awesome: Yellow Submarine

  • John Lennon vs. the Dreadful Flying Glove.
  • And just before that, the Beatles beginning their counter-attack against the Blue Meanies by playing "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band".
  • When the Beatles team up with their Pepperland counterparts, the real Paul shouts, "Beatles to battle! CHARGE!!" And Ringo tops it off with an appropriate fanfare from a trumpet, even when it's quickly cut off by an incoming blue arrow.
  • The camera floats up through the roof of Pepperland as The Old Mayor is apple-bonked to death and Fred escapes Just in Time to the opening strains of the title song.
  • "First time I saw that 'Nowhere Man', that Nobody... I knew he was Somebody!"
  • The Beatles finally putting in an appearance at the end.