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The Blue Meanies are related to the Daleks
In an old TV 21 comic, it's shown that the humanoid forerunners of the Daleks had blue skin. And, do the Blue Meanies share a hatred for anything not like them? You betcha.
  • Perhaps they're Kaleds who weren't mutated?

The Lord Mayor is Old Fred's dad.
Why else would the lord Mayor call Fred 'Young Fred' with a heartwarming hug when he and the Beatles get back to Pepperland?
  • Well, he could also be a nephew or cousin, and still a close relative.

Old Fred is only called Old Fred because he looks old.
"Old Fred" really is Young Fred.

The real Old Fred is the Lord Mayor, who is not called that because he is the Lord Mayor.

Jeremy is a god
Specifically, the god of all things that have yet to be created, seen and done. That's why he was able to fix the motor so easily.

Jeremy is a former Blue Meanie, and that was why the Blue Meanies captured him.
I've noticed this in my viewings of the movie: Jeremy has a similar body type, fur type, and even face/nose as the Chief Blue Meanie. Its possible he broke from the pack and went to do his own thing elsewhere (hence becoming the Nowhere Man). And not only that, why would the Blue Meanies take Jeremy hostage, and not one of the Beatles, like Ringo? You know, the four guys who make music and look like the Lonely Hearts Band they just captured, who they know will cause trouble and make music if they are all allowed to come to Pepperland? The only sensible answer: Jeremy knows how to get to Pepperland. And the way Chief Blue Meanie treats him in custody, even directly threatens to kill him (which he didn't actually do with anyone else in the story, when you think about it) and then has a Crowning Momentof Heartwarming with Jeremy doing a nose touch-type thing, implies he knows Jeremy on a more personal level.

Before being appointed Lord Admiral, Old Fred was a Commander.
The insignia on his sleeve is a very close match for that of a commander, thereby suggesting that he was still a senior naval officer before his appointment.

Somehow, Grouchy Smurf had children. The Blue Meanies were the result of that.

The Vacuum Beast from the "Sea of Monsters" is a type of Blue Meanie.
It's blue, wears big boots, and even the other monsters don't like it. I don't know, it kind of makes sense.


There was a switch between the Beatles and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band at the end of the 1999 remaster
We get a better look at the second band in the newer film, and they look more like the Fab Four we see in live action at the end than the cartoon Beatles in the beginning do.


Pepperland is related Wonderland and Chessland
It definitely fits in with the surreal tone of those other lands. Maybe the Beatles just took the nautical root, as opposed to the rabbot hole or looking-glass. The following are also good pieces of evidence:
  • The rabbit hole that Alice falls through in Wonderland is probably a hole from the Sea of Holes that got lost or separated.
  • While many of Chessland's inhabitants are characters from nursery rhymes, Pepperland and the surrounding seas are inhabited by elements of Beatles songs.
  • Perhaps the Blue Meanies are descendants of the caterpillar from Wonderland, who've taken their ancestor's cynicism and all-around grumpyness to extremes and become outright hostile to everything that isn't them.
  • The little brooks and streams that divide up Chessland eventually empty into the various seas surrounding Pepperland.
  • In one chapter of Through the Looking Glass, the White King asks who Alice sees on the road. She says that she sees nobody on the road, and the King says that he wishes he had the eyes to be able to see "nobody". When the King talks about "nobody", he is talking about Jeremy, who is referred to as a "Nobody" and a "Nowhere Man".
  • In one part of Through the Looking Glass, when Alice is talking to the White Queen, the White Queen talks about living backwards. while she doesn't say exactly how she does it, it probably involves going to the Sea of Time and messing with her age like the Beatles do.
  • The Jabberwock, Bandersnatch, and Jubjub Bird are mentioned int he books, but never actually shown. This is because their actual living residence is the Sea of Monsters. This might also be the sea where The Walrus and the Carpenter takes place, and where the Mock Turtle went to school.

Pepperland is an enclave of the World of Ooo in our reality
There's some time/space doohickery when the Submarine travels back to Pepperland, and it's clear that much like Ooo, causality is really low on the list of laws that place operates upon. There's also the fact that it's at least as weird as Ooo.


The "Hey Bulldog" footage didn't really exist before the film was remastered.
Has anyone seen it in the initial British release?

This footage makes a drastic difference to the film's tone. In the vs. without it which was in circulation in America between release and 1991, the "All You Need Is Love" sequence and its immediate aftermath is an overpowering triumph for the side of good — a practical steamroller. In the restored vs., even when good has mostly triumphed, it is a longer and closer battle.

That there are "Magical Mystery Tour" references in a film which had most of the vocal track recorded before "Sgt. Pepper's" doesn't help. 9
  • Jossed. The footage always existed but was omitted from most versions due to copyright, however, there is a pre-remastered version which does include it (I think it was aired by the BBC).