Nightmare Fuel: Yellow Submarine

  • The sound effects and incidental music, in combination with the Deranged Animation.
  • The screaming clown with the spinning head.
  • Those fits the Chief Blue Meanie went into when stressed.
  • The Dreadful Flying Glove. Most of the other meanies are that wacky, crazy type of evil, but the Glove is just pure, unfettered evil.
    • Especially with that deep, terrifying laugh of his. Brrr...
  • The Sea of Monsters, with all the multicolored, smiling creatures and strange noises were just so unsettling.
  • The "Sea of Time" is sort of creepy for those afraid of mortality and aging.
  • The weird maths equations, soundwave diagrams (the only live-action effects within the movie itself), and Andy Warhol-esque portraits of the Beatles floating in the Sea of Science, along with George's creepy, passive-aggressive "Only A Northern Song", make for one of the most inexplicably disturbing moments in the film.
  • Jeremy. In his entirety. Every single moment. Always.
  • When the boss Meanie raked his claws across his face and said "O-BLUUUUUUUUUUE-terate them!"
  • The Beatles' home. Highlights being those that run up and down the corridors when nobody is about and the jump moment with King Kong.
  • The fate of the conquered Pepperlanders. They seem to be frozen and senseless, but then we see a few of them shedding tears, or trying to move only to get even more forcibly put down.