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Awesome: World War Hulk
  • The fight between Hulk and Sentry
    • Hulk: Stupid... They can call you whatever they want... Savior... Destroyer... all that matters... is what you choose.
    • "Do you hear that Bruce? It's time to play God."
    • The Sentry promptly shatters the stone starship with his Dynamic Entry, and all the Sakaar group have Oh Crap looks on their faces as he hammers into the Hulk at full speed.
  • Hulk going full Worldbreaker.
  • However briefly, X-23 was one of the few people who actually managed to inconvenience Hulk when she lets him grab her and bring her close enough to use her foot claws to put out his eyes. To put that into perspective, the only reason Wolverine was able to do the same thing in their fight afterwards was because Hulk let him.
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