Awesome / World in Conflict

  • In the second Soviet Assault trailer: The Russian paratroopers are making a Last Stand inside a mall, then a frigging Soviet tank crashes through the skylights and starts firing away at their attackers. And then its bright red parachute covers the windows, painting the whole scene RED, while the Ominous Russian Chorus goes Up to Eleven for the final time in the trailer.
  • At the end of the level, "Battle of Pine Valley," you're being overrun by Soviets from all sides. Suddenly, you hear a static-filled transmission from the USS Missouri, which promptly wastes a squad of Soviet tanks. Then Sawyer gives you command of its guns.
  • Bannon staying behind as a goddamn nuke is called on his position, all to keep the Soviets from getting to the SDI.
  • The cutscene that plays during the New York mission after you save the Statue of Liberty from the Spetznaz commandos trying to use it to fire chemical weapons into Manhattan. If you fail, an airstrike will destroy the statue.
    Colonel Sawyer: "I see green smoke! Call off the strike, damn it!"
    Radioman: "This is Eagle Six, abort! Abort! Abort!"
    Colonel Sawyer: (to himself) "Good work, Parker."
    Two fighters swoop by, showing you were seconds from watching the Statue of Liberty be destroyed.
    Colonel Sawyer: "Well, done, lieutenant. That was above and beyond the call. We should carve your name into the base for what you've done today."
  • The opening cinematic for when the game loads up is pretty cool as well. It's basically 30 seconds of combat clips.
  • Sawyer pulling a Bilingual Backfire on Sabatier — and speaking French when he does so. By keeping his response succinct and in Sabatier's native language, he's essentially saying, "You want to be annoyed with me for my command decisions? Fine, be annoyed with me. But do not try painting this as France vs. America."