Heartwarming / World in Conflict

  • At the very end of the game, Mike finally finds batteries for his CD player and he and Anton end the game listening to Whitesnake's "Here I go Again." It just gives you a fuzzy feeling to see that these two made it out alive, even though the camera pans out to reveal that there's not much left of Seattle.
  • Despite his official role as The Political Officer in Colonel Vladimir "Volodja" Orlovsky's regiment, KGB Major Lebedjev is a pretty good guy who goes through the motions of being a commissar without really believing in it. He and Orlovsky are old friends, and it's implied that Lebedjev sought the assignment so that he could protect Orlovsky from more zealous higher-ups. After Orlovsky is murdered by Malashenko, Lebedjev takes over the remainder of the unit and leads them to Tacoma, as Orlovsky had intended, where he uses his status as a KGB officer to intimidate the captain of a Soviet cargo ship into taking them home.