Awesome / W.I.T.C.H.

  • After a 10-Minute Retirement in the episode "The Mudslugs", Cornelia returns with a vengeance, picking up a huge section of earth that the mother mudslug is embedded in and tossing it into a nearly portal after a serious show of exertion.
  • The All Your Powers Combined finale for season one was wicked!
  • The Elyon vs Phobos battle at the end of The Twelve Portals arc.
    • In the first-season finale "The Final Battle", Elyon unleashes the full extent of her powers on Phobos after learning about his true nature. For half of the season, Phobos had been manipulating Elyon, pretending to be a loving big brother to her as he prepared to steal her powers. Just before imprisoning Phobos in a magical cage, Elyon tearfully tells him: "You were never my brother".
  • The girls Big Damn Heroes moment for the season two finale.
  • The utter ownage Phobos inflicts on Nerissa in the episode "W Is For Witch".
  • The Guardians going One-Winged Angel and kicking Cedric's ass in the series Grand Finale.
  • Blunk biting Cedric's tail in the season one finale, finally showing his own action chops.
    Blunk: Blunk not scavanger. Blunk warrior!
  • The So Last Season battle in "J Is For Jewel," with the girls completely curb stomping the guy who gave them so much trouble in season one.
  • Matt freeing himself from Shagon's control during the episode "S is for Self". First, he convinces Shagon to give him brain and body control to sing a song. Just when Shagon's about to kill Will, Matt takes over and starts singing, tipping off Will and cutting off her hatred so that he can finish Shagon off. You wouldn't expect a guy like Matt to be a Guile Hero, would you?
    Matt: Game, set, match, Shagon. So Shagoff! *blows him to bits*
    • Some more information to add: Matt combined the "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight with The Power of Rock. After attempting to overpower Shagon with his fists ("wrong weapon"), he materializes a guitar out of sheer willpower and blasts the demon out of his mind with a series of power chords ("right weapon"). After doing so, he not only regains control of his own body, but absorbs Shagon's powers as well, giving him the ability to take Shagon's form and use his nifty demonic attacks.
  • Will versus Phobos at the end of the Trial of the Oracle arc. Phobos, using his status as temporary Oracle, subjects Will to a Mind Rape to try and convince her that if she doesn't surrender the Heart of Kandrakar she'll end alone and abandoned in a Bad Future. Will falls for his lie... and then proceeds to try and disintegrate him, stopping only because Phobos had pulled a Grand Theft Me with one of the Wise Ones of Kandrakar and she had to fix that.
    • Their following encounter ices the cake: Phobos is rightly worried when he's left defenseless and the Guardians have decided to take no more chances with him, but what makes him cry "Nooo!" in holy terror is Will's demand that she will give the killing shot. Quite justified, given that Will ended up disintegrating his soul...
  • We're probably not supposed to think so, but Elyon completely owning all of team WITCH at least twice in the show, and the amounts of power she displays while making her big bad brother look meek by comparison, is pretty awesome.
    • From the comics, there's the time she disguised herself as a swimming instructor using magic well enough to fool Will, then she brought all the water out of the pool as a weapon.
  • In "Y Is for Yield", the reveal of Will's plan to defeat Phobos if (actually when) he betrayed them.
  • W.I.T.C.H. going into Zenith form and just kicking Cedric's ass!
  • Every once in a while, Caleb gets an opportunity to show that it is possible to be Badass Normal in this magic-filled world.
  • Irma's Shut Up, Hannibal! moment with Ember in L is for Loser:
    Ember: Your misery will make me more powerful than ever!
    Irma: Here's the thing. My misery? Not so important right now. What's important is making it up to Martin! You? You are just a Knight of Distraction!
    Ember: ...I don't feel any pain!
    Irma: Aw, really? Here's some!
  • Cornelia absorbing all of the Guardians' powers and getting a major upgrade. She then proceeds to curb stomp the Knights of Desturction before returning to normal.
    "Hey, Ice-guy! Chill! "
  • How about how Dean saves Susan from falling to her death in M is for Mercy? What makes this scene even more epic and beautiful is the line he states after Susan frantically tells him that she's slipping:
    Dean: NO! I won't let you fall!
    • A second after this line, Dean does pull her up.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: "We are, we are, we are, W.I.T.C.H.!/We are, we are!"
  • Will calling out her mom in "H is for Hunted" for lying about her relationship with Dean, while lecturing her [Will] on responsibility. Susan is just stunned into silence.
  • Hay Lin saving the rest of W.I.T.C.H. from a Swamps of Sadness-ish monster in the comics. She defeated an enemy with just her optimism alone!