Awesome / Willow

  • After the boastful Madmartigan finally gets his hands on a sword.
    Willow: You are great!
    • The awesome gets deflated (but in a funny way) when Madmartigan tries to flourish his sword and slips, falling on his ass as a result.
  • Raziel's Bad Ass Boast at Willow's Despair Event Horizon. Even when that line is coming from the lips of a goat, it makes it no less badass.
    Willow: We've come all this way and now Elora Danan's gonna die!
    Raziel: No, we can still defeat Bavmorda.
    Willow: She's too powerful, Raziel.
    Raziel: Transform me, and I will destroy her!
  • Bavmorda defeats Raziel and finally notices Willow. Alone, trapped in a room with the evil Sorceress triumphantly barking orders at him, he takes a look at Elora...
    Willow: No!
    Willow: You stupid hag!
    • Followed up with Willow; a Hobbit in all but name, staring down the nastiest sorceress in the universe, and coming up with an Indy Ploy / Badass Boast right on the spot by telling the witch he'll send the princess somewhere where evil will never harm her. The sorceress laughs it off, but Willow whips his cape and - poof - no baby. Bavmorda goes fully into Villainous Breakdown and the ritual backfires on her. Afterward, his allies are blinking in awe. How'd the Hobbit manage to pull that off? He shrugs and pulls out the princess. He bluffed the most powerful evil in the world with a third-rate sleight-of-hand trick. Oscar Diggs would be proud.
  • When Madmartigan first fights Kael, he doesn't fare so well due to his unfamiliarity with Arik's weapon, which he was trying to use to avenge his friend's death. Then he gets his hand on his own sword and starts Dual Wielding his and Arik's weapon together. In a single, roaring charge he parries Kael's attack, smacks him across the face to shatter his skull mask, and drops him. Sure, Kael gets up again moments late, but that attack, especially with Val Kilmer's scream, just sells that moment as being badass personified.
  • When Kael rides off with Elora, an injured Willow stumbles after him, weapon still in hand. Think about that for a moment. Willow is basically a hobbit pig farmer, who just went up against Kael, probably the toughest, most dangerous male character in the film. And not only did he survive, but to protect Elora, he's going back for more.
  • It's a small moment, but Fin Raziel taking advantage of her goat form to throw a soldier from a bridge is pretty awesome.
  • The whole of Madmartigan's One-Man Army defence of the castle, switching betwen ambushes and stand-up fights as situation demands, followed by riding a catapult to out-scare a troll, and finishing by singlehandedly killing a freaking two-headed dragon, must be seen to be believed. It's awesome on so many levels:
    • As an action scene for those watching the movie;
    • In-Universe, it's awesome for the characters, and made Sorsha fall in love for Madmartigan;
    • In Real Life, it even made Joanne Whalley fall in love for Val Kilmer! (agreed, there was more for it than just that, but you can just see the chemistry betwen them in the kiss scene that ends the fight).