Heartwarming / Willow

  • "I serve the Nelwyn."
    • What really makes this special is that all through the movie, Madmartigan has been, up to this point, calling Willow by the derogatory term "peck." When he finally refers to Willow properly, he is dead serious about his oath.
  • The scenes between Willow and his wife are incredibly sweet, especially their good-bye at the beginning. And they have the cutest kids ever.
  • Willow's dedication to taking care of Elora Danan.
    • The whole premise of the quest to protect Elora, really. Queen Bavmorda isn't defeated because Elora is a destined hero or something like that, she's defeated because Willow, Madmartigan, Sorsha, and several other good people risked their lives to protect an infant they barely knew. Pure human kindness saved the day.
  • The Brownies have been giving Willow a hard time since they've met. However, in the scene where Willow goes to the island to find Fin Raziel, the Brownies guard Elora until he comes back.
    Franjean: We will guard her with our meager lives!
    • And they've kept their word, too.
  • When chained behind Sorsha's cart, a tired Willow stumbles and falls. Without hesitation or comment, Madmartigan picks him up and carries him.
    • Not to mention when a bloodied Willow stumbles out of Tir Asleen after Kael takes the baby, Madmartigan rushes to his side and reassures him that they'll get her back; "Can you ride?" James Horner's score adds the perfect touch.
  • James Horner's score in the opening credits. Doubles as a tearjerker.