Heartwarming: Willow

  • "I serve the Nelwyn."
  • The scenes between Willow and his wife are incredibly sweet, especially their good-bye at the beginning. And they have the cutest kids ever.
  • Willow's dedication to taking care of Elora Danen.
  • The Brownies have been giving Willow a hard time since they've met. However, in the scene where Willow goes to the island to find Fin Raziel, The Brownies guard Elora until he comes back.
    Franjean: We will guard her with our meager lives!
    • And they've kept their word, too.
  • When chained behind Sorsha's cart, a tired Willow stumbles and falls. Without hesitation or comment, Madmartigan picks him up and carries him.
  • James Horner's score in the opening credits. Doubles as a tearjerker.