Awesome / Violence Jack

  • In Harem Bomber, Kenichi chucks his knife at Jack, and it lodges into his eye. Kenichi gets a surprise when Jack simply pulls the knife out, gives a faint grin and walks away.
  • The (second) death of the Yakuza Heretic Leader in Shin Violence Jack at the hands of the townspeople. Jack doesn't even have to lift a finger. Also doubles as an Epic Fail for the demon.
  • Jack's assault on the Hell's Wind biker gang base at the end of the Third OVA after healing up from said biker gang's attack on him. Joker is about to deal the death blow onto a captured and tortured Jun Hono when Jack's Jackknife is thrown right through his head to the others shock as they see Jack is back before some attempt to gang up on him as the other two leaders try retreating, only for Jack to easily plow through them, even grabbing a friggin' helicopter trying to gun him down and throwing it to the ground before being hit by a rocket fired by one of the leader's Gokumon into a tanker, causing a explosion. As the head leader Dante boasts of Jack's death to Jun and another captive girl, they feel a rumble as the ground cracks towards the Hell's Wind, a trail of fire following it as Jack bursts out of the ground ON FIRE and PISSED OFF , grabbing Gokumon and his bike, setting both ablaze before chasing after Dante who tried to escape on his motorcycle, throwing his Jackknife at him, severing his legs and part of bike, causing it to crash as Jack slow walks over before finally stepping on a pleading Dante's skull, all while still on fire, killing him before emitting a loud roar into the sky.
  • Even Jack's general presence is awesome as he's over 2 meters tall and almost everybody cowers in fear at his mere presence.
  • In the "El Dorado" arc in the manga, Jack is shot with a BAZOOKA! He gets back up. So the gang he's fighting proceed to shoot him with regular guns over a dozen times, including in the NECK. He kills them all. Then ANOTHER army shows up, stabs Jack in the back with spears and shoots him some more. He kills them all. Finally, Slum King shows up and gives Jack a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown, which includes stabbing out his eye and cutting off his arm, only for Jack to defeat him with a single punch, cracking his new mask. Then, a massive earthquake sinks THE ENTIRE CITY. Jack simply climbs the cliff, with one hand, while carrying his severed arm in his mouth. That's right, NONE OF THAT was enough to kill Jack!