Awesome / Vinland Saga

  • Thorkell is made of this. Boisterous, lovable, blood-thristy viking? Yes. Can spear a guy roughly a mile away? Yup. Throws entire logs like a human ballista? This guy. Punches horses with his bare fists? Without further ado. GOES FREAKING SUPER SAIYAN? This man is awesome-incarnate!
  • Thorfinn's "enlightenment" after spending most of the Farmland Saga in a funk, renouncing killing and fighting.
    • But then he's forced to confront Snake to cover for Arneis and Gardar's escape, and he resumes his old fighting stance barehanded and fights defensively to a draw, still as agile as before. Though he feels guilty about it afterward and it doesn't save Gardar, who is mortally wounded, and Arneis dies too not long after.
    • After the attack on the farm, Thorfinn asks to speak with Knut. The guards laugh it off, and after Thorfinn dodges every attack they make, let him through after he takes a hundred punches to the face from a guard with the nickname of "Bear-Killer". Not only that, but he makes his point to Knut, saving the farm, and is allowed to leave alive.