Funny / Vinland Saga

  • Canute arguing with the head of his dead father can be strangely amusing.
  • Much of the Thors flashback arc gets downright hilarious. Especially his treatment of his daughter on the day of her birth.
    Thors: ...By the gods, it's noisy.
  • Willibald the Priest has his share of moments, especially when he's sober.
    Thorkell: Good friar, what say you? Who is greater, your Jesus or our Aesir?
    Willibald: ...Whichever created liquor.
  • One funny exchange as the main characters are moving through Wales:
    Welshman #1: Are those Danes? I heard they eat people!
    Welshman #2: They don't have horns at all!
    Welshman #1: Do you think they're dangerous?
    Welshman #2: Nah, Lord Arthur is with them.
    Thorgrimm: What the hell are they saying about me? I should kill and eat them!
  • The bit where Thorkell's men are mocking his annoyance with lack of battle as being like a jilted girl (and he totally goes along with it) is pretty damn hilarious too.
    Thorkell: You know it's not my thing to take prisoners, don't you? But King Sweyn just keeps ignoring me. I figure if I kidnap the Prince, maybe he'll turn his head this way just a little bit. Don't you see the sad predicament I'm in?
    Viking: ::laughing:: That's what a young girl in love says, General.
    Thorkell: Exactly! That dashing King Sweyn has me wrapped around his little finger!
    Viking #2: ::also laughing:: Biggest girl I ever saw.
    Viking #3: ::dramatically, as the whole crew starts cracking up:: He's knocking at my door every day, dogging my heels, then one day, he just turns as cold as ice! Oh, what's a poor girl to do?
    Viking #4: Suddenly, he's all I can think about. Next thing I knew, I was the one chasing him!
    Viking #2: Oh, that King Sweyn's a master of romance, we're all head over heels for him!
  • Though somewhat mitigated by the fact that he gets seriously hurt when he crash lands, the expression on Thorfinn's face when Thorkell's kick plus his own attempt at jump-evading it launches him over fifty feet in the air is priceless, as are the gaping stares of everybody still on the ground.
  • Another one for Thorfinn's expressions: the look on his face when he realizes that he, a slave, just broke his supervisor's face right after telling Einar not to lose his temper.
  • Askeladd's Palmer-esque response to Thorkell stopping a charging horse by punching it to death: "YOU HAVE GOT TO BE SHITTING ME."
  • When Askeladd's band seems doomed, he makes his loyalty to his Welsh heritage abundantly clear by his possibly last words to them:
    "I hate every one of you horse-fucking Danish whoresons."
  • After timeskip, Thorkell being reduced to a zombie-like state by the lack of war. He even speaks like one. The going through a wall was a nice touch.
    • And then the same Thorkell, out of all people, faints due to his king ordering his troops to disband and come back to Danemark.