Trivia / Vinland Saga

  • Askeladd is a direct descendant of King Arthur. This is a series where the mangaka DID do the research, and yet the main character is practically a Viking Ninja. It's got Vikings hauling their ships across dry land to assault a fortress in the opening chapters; the legendary King Canute starts off as a sheltered pretty boy, then Took a Level in Badass and calmed The Berserker with sheer charisma. The berserker achieves that state via hallucinogenic mushrooms. And then there's Thorkell the Tall, a Boisterous Bruiser who is completely insane even by Viking standards, sinks ships by tossing logs at them and kills a charging horse with one punch. One. Punch.
    • Vikings hauling their ships across dry land is historical fact, and eating hallucinogenic mushroom is one of the proposed theories about berserkers.
  • Chance is the Author did do the research, but mixed it up. Askeladd(en) is the main hero name in Scandinavian Folk Tales. He's the protagonist and /or male Cinderella (Askeladd meaning Ash Lad. The Other Wiki can tell more about it.'' ) But the Askeladd's friends in the folk tales are usually Bad Asses.
    • No mix-up. The manga's Askeladd may also be a great warrior, but he's much more characterized by his cunning - much like the folkloric Askeladden.