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Awesome: UHF
  • The ending, where not only does George Newman saves U-62, but the Corrupt Corporate Executive R.J. Fletcher gets put through a massive (and well deserved) Humiliation Conga. And all because of a penny he gave to a bum (which turned out to be a rare, valuable coin)
  • Philo manages to single-handedly destroy R.J. Fletcher's reputation in the community by interrupting Channel 8's signal with one of his own at just the right time. The fact that he does it all without saying a word (only munching on his popcorn) only adds to the awesome.
  • Stanley Spadowski's speech about his mop, which doubles as a Shout-Out to Network. The audience loves it so much that it launches both Stanley and U-62 as a whole into the public spotlight.
  • Stanley's attempted escape from the villains is seriously Badass. And what triggers this daring escape? "MY MOOOOOOP!!!!!"
  • George, invigorated by Stanley's surprise success, runs amok at the station with his bizarre, off-the-wall ideas such as Wheel of Fish, Raul's Wild Kingdom, Wonderful World of Phlegm, The Volcano Worshipper's Hour, Underwater Bingo For Teens, and Fun With Dirt. And for once in his underachieving life, his vivid imagination pays off:
    George: Bob? What'cha got there?
    Bob: (in awe) The ratings.
    George: Don't tell me we actually showed up on the list.
    Bob: We're number one.
    George: .....say what?
    Bob: We beat out the networks! This is unbelievable! Look at these numbers! We've got three shows in the top 5! Stanley Spadowski's Clubhouse went through the roof! He got a .60 share! Do you know what this means?! We're finally gonna have some real money! George, we're the number one station in town!
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