Awesome: Twister

  • The tornado destroys the drive-in movie screen the moment Jack says "Here's Johnny!"
  • The part where Aunt Meg insists she drives to the hospital by herself despite being quite seriously hurt and having lost her house and car in the storm.
  • The technology the stormchasers use (a wireless sensor network is deployed inside a storm and can be monitored (at least seemingly) in real time), especially by 1990s standards.
    • In his biography published in 2009, Tim Samaras said that being able to track even ONE "smart debris" sphere throughout its flight inside a twister was several years ahead of current technology. So when Jo built a system that tracked a whole barrel full, she was at least fifteen to twenty years ahead of her time. That is some Tony Stark level stuff right there.
  • The. Whole. Movie.

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