Awesome / Twister

  • As the tornado is approaching the drive-in theater, we catch glimpses of the movie screen showing Jack slamming his axe on the door. Then the tornado destroys the screen the moment Jack says "Here's Johnny!".
  • The first time we see the final tornado: an awe-inspiring yet terrifying F-5. And there's no doubt as to it's power and sheer destructive potential.
  • The part where Aunt Meg insists she drives to the hospital by herself despite being quite seriously hurt and having lost her house and car in the storm.
  • The technology the stormchasers use (a wireless sensor network is deployed inside a storm and can be monitored (at least seemingly) in real time), especially by 1990s standards.
    • In his biography published in 2009, Tim Samaras said that being able to track even ONE "smart debris" sphere throughout its flight inside a twister was several years ahead of current technology. So when Jo built a system that tracked a whole barrel full, she was at least 15 to 20 years ahead of her time. That is some Tony Stark level stuff right there.
  • When the Chasers get rolling for the first time, Dusty flips on one of the many TVs in his van at the exact point Deep Purple brings forth one of the greatest solos they have ever produced. He proceeds to blare it across the countryside from loudspeakers!