Awesome / Torchwood: Miracle Day

  • In the first episode of Miracle Day, "The New World", Gwen manages to take out a helicopter chasing them with a bazooka. The chopper explodes and, as it explodes, just barely misses their car. The visual effects just make it better.
    Rex Matherson: "Who are you people?!"
    Gwen Cooper: "Torchwood."
    • Jack shooting Gwen and Rhys' first attackers with an assault rifle.
  • In "Rendition", Rex and Gwen manage to put together an antidote to arsenic from items found on a commercial airliner.
  • Also from "Rendition":
    Lyn: You're the best England's got to offer, then God help you.
    Gwen: I'm Welsh. (Punches the agent!)
  • Same episode: Rex, after arriving in the US with Jack and Gwen, is told by Esther, who's on the run, that the CIA is making everything connected to Torchwood disappear, including the people investigating them. So, we get this little gem after he decides on his next course of action:
    Rex, while uncuffing Jack and Gwen: Hey, uh, I just remembered, there's one final piece of legislation necessary to make this a full and proper rendition. And according to recent amendments to U.S. Code Section 3184 and Section 3185 in transferring prisoners from air side to land side, the law clearly states that, ah, once they touch down on American soil, they have free and easy access to one very important thing.
    Gwen: And what's that?
    Rex: Bullshit! *knocks the escorting agents out*
  • "Dead Of Night": Jack Harkness gets a sex scene. That's awesome. It's with a hot guy. That's even awesomer. But the truly, magnificently awesome part is that he insists on being safe and using condoms.
  • "The Middle Men" is crammed with awesome:
    • Esther choking Maloney unconscious. Followed by Coltrane finally saying "no" the only way Maloney understands: with bullets.
    • Gwen showing that she isn't going to stand idly by while they burn people.
      This is the truth, for the whole world to see. We let our government build concentration camps. They've built ovens for people in our names. Now I don't care if the whole of society bends over and takes this like a dog. I'm saying no.
      • She then proceeds to blow up the ovens of one of the overflow camps in a rather impressive explosion.
  • "End of the Road": Rex setting Friedkin up for an Engineered Public Confession.
  • Papa Wolf Rhys in "The Gathering" and Mama Bear Gwen in the same.
    Rhys: *looking at Gwen* Calm down. We don't want you arrested for murder.
    Oswald: *behind him* Thank you sir.
    Rhys: *without turning round* They can arrest me for that.
    • You also have to give Danes credit for shadowing his own pursuers for two months, tracking down Torchwood when they're in hiding, and then practically forcing them into letting him tag along with their plans.
  • The Blood Line has MANY:
    • After the member of the family who killed Esther tries to escape we get an epic shot of Rex rising behind him, grabbing the guy and then spouting off this one liner before throwing him down the shaft in front of the blessing, to his death
      "Guess what? Death came back!
    • Gwen's fight with Jilly Kissinger, mostly just for the line "How much lipstick can you wear?!" acompanied with a Punctuated Pounding
    • Jack and Rex destroying the Blessing with their (well Jack's) blood.
    • Danes taking the whole Shanghai Blessing site with him as he kills the Family member stationed there. Even if he did prove at the same time he was completely unrepentant, he gave Jack and Gwen and chance to escape when he didn't have to, twice.