Awesome / This Is the End

  • Almost everything about the last 20-30 minutes of the film.
    Craig: I ain't scared of you! I'm Craig fucking Robinson! I hope you like big dick motherfucker, cause I'm about to fuck you raw! For the last goddamn time, TAKE YO PANTIES OFF!!!!!
    • Same goes for Seth almost going out the same way. Helps that Whitney Houston played.
    • The Backstreet Boys.
      • Best of all, it's all 5 of the original members seeing as how Kevin is with them.
  • Danny's cannibal crew wrecking into James' car to the sound of "Hole In The Earth" by Deftones.
    • Also Crowning Music of Awesome due to the appropriate title of the song and the lyrics "This is the end, somewhere, this is the end"
  • Emma Watson's scene:
  • Craig saving Jay from the demon at the last second.