Nightmare Fuel / This Is the End

Even though This Is The End is, first and foremost, a comedy about the end of the world, it still manages to sneak in some genuinely frightening moments in the midst of all that hilarity.
  • This shot of the Hollywood Hills in flames (note what appears to be the actual Hollywood sign off to the right) from the second Red Band trailer.
  • The death of Michael Cera is a lot more gruesome than the trailer made it look.
    • The lamp post looked kind of...possessed.
  • The demon that jumps through the window and attacks Jay and Craig while they are scavenging for supplies is a very effective Jump Scare.
  • Some scenes before the demons are revealed are great examples of Nothing Is Scarier. Emma Watson tells the guys that she heard growling noises outside (which she assumes are zombies) and we never see what decapitated the guy near the beginning or what Craig saw while trying to get into James' basement.
  • The trip out scene has a few creepy images.
  • Jonah Hill, after a demon rapes and possesses him.
  • Channing Tatum's fate is this mixed with Rape as Comedy.
  • James Franco's death. While the leadup to it is funny, the image of Danny biting in and ripping out Franco's eye with his teeth before biting more as the rest of the cannibals join in is FUCKING DISTURBING.
  • Paul Rudd accidentally crushing that poor girl's head is, like most of the things in the film, equal parts hilarious and disturbing as hell. Her eyes damn near pop out.
  • The climax involves one of the more unnerving depictions of Satan in recent memory. He's easily six hundred feet tall, made of hardened magma, has multiple eel heads snaking out of his back, and has a penis the size of a split-level house.
  • Considering they're completely absent from the final scene it's definitely implied that James Franco and Jonah Hill went to Hell.
    • Since this film is portraying The Rapture, it's safe to assume that everyone shown dying in it went to Hell.
  • The scene with the guy getting decapitated with copious blood gushing from his neck, even when the guys panic and kick his head around like a soccer ball, is still pretty likely to make your stomach turn.