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Awesome: The Question
The Question is a Charlton Comics character created by Steve Ditko that was incorporated into the DC Universe in the 1980s after DC purchased Charlton. In the 2007 series 52 the original Question, Vic Sage, died of lung cancer and was replaced by Renee Montoya.

How awesome is the question? Just ask his eccentric charm.

  • When Dennis O'Neil began to write the Question monthly series he had the title character defeated by Lady Shiva, beaten afterwards by a gang of thugs, shot in the head and then left for dead in a frozen river. The Big Bad, Reverend Hatch, explains that "if he arises singing Danny Boy, I shall give him anything he wants." When the Question makes his return after training with Richard Dragon...
    O Danny boy, the pipes the pipes are calling...
    • "I want you to pray."
  • A later O'Neill issue has Hub City being hit by a huge crime wave, even by its standards. One encounter that the Question has here involves an innocent bystander being held over the edge of a skyscraper by a gang of thugs. Question: "If you drop him, you follow him." The poor bystander is dropped. The Question then proceeds to kerbstomp all but the actual one who did the dropping, and knocks him over the edge, leaving him hanging by his fingertips..."I told you what would happen if you dropped him, didn't I?...Bye." He then actually starts walking away...only to abruptly return and save the thug. But then: "One thing." *WHAM* "Don't thank me." *SMASH* "Don't EVER thank me." *MEGA-KERBSTOMP*. He then walks away from the thoroughly whipped gang leader musing to himself, "I'll never be played by Chuck Norris. Or Charles Bronson."
  • During the Blackest Night, a black ring chose Vic as its host, and the Black Lantern attacked a lighthouse where Lady Shiva and Renee Montoya were fighting, with old ally Aristotle Rodor nearby. Shiva proceeded to deduce, from clues the Black Lantern had dropped, what it was what it wanted (their emotion-filled hearts) and proceeded to shut down her emotions to the point she became invisible and undetectable to the monster. Rodor and Montoya, pained as they were by Vic's resurrection as a Black Lantern, followed suit, maddening the superpowered zombie. It was one of the first instances of a Black Lantern successfully routed if not defeated.
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