Funny / The Question

The Question is a Charlton Comics character created by Steve Ditko that was incorporated into the DC Universe in the 1980s after DC purchased Charlton. In the 2007 series 52 the original Question, Vic Sage, died of lung cancer and was replaced by Renee Montoya.

What makes the Question funny? Good question.

  • The issue-wide inside joke of the Question picking up a copy of Watchmen, and developing an instant fascination for Rorschach—even to the point of considering him for a role model!
    The Question: (Narration) What would Rorschach do? (Puts on mask) He'd kick ass.
    • Alas, this doesn't go too well, and...
    Bad Guy: Any last words?
    The Question: Yeah. Rorschach sucks.
  • When Batwoman was the headline character for Detective Comics for 2009-2010 The Question became the second-feature. When the Huntress guest-starred to help Renee investigate a wide-ranging sex-trafficing operation Huntress suggested they bring in a third party to assist in the electronic tracking of their opponents. When the Question asks who they should bring in, Huntress explains that she knows somebody who can help. When the Question finally meets Oracle, whom she had worked with once or twice before but never really met, the revelation of her identity nearly knocks Renee off her feet.
    "Commissioner Gordon's daughter? Commissioner Gordon's daughter? Commissioner Gordon's daughter?"
  • When Renee is forced to work with her old partner, Harvey Bullock, he deduces her identity through the power of the Male Gaze.
    "You think just 'cause you played for the other team I never noticed you had a nice caboose?"
  • During 52, the original Question and Renee are investigating an abandoned warehouse and Renee suggests looking for a hidden lever or trap door. Question jokes about whether they're in "D&D", but then Renee actually finds a trap door and they fall with Renee landing on top of him.
    Question (dazed): "...elf needs food badly..."
  • Pretty much all of the character's conspiracy theories in Justice League Unlimited. The show caused the character to gain a lot of popularity, simply because every moment he had was either a CMOA or a CMOF. His first appearance, for example, contained this gem:
    Supergirl: What, do you go through my trash?
    Question: Please. I go through everybody's trash.