YMMV / The Question

  • Crowning Music of Awesome: From his first appearance in JLU, the obvious (yet not obnoxiously so) Britney Spears parody song that he plays while interrogating a Corrupt Corporate Executive... and then casually sings to himself while breaking into said executive's office.
    Fell in love again. What am I gonna tell my friends? It just happened. You walked in my door and now I don't wanna be alone no more. *smashes glass door with potted plant and alarm starts blaring* Oops, I've done it, told you how I fell. Just hope this time that our love is real.
    • From the comics, Danny Boy.
  • Dork Age:
    • Hey, remember that miniseries by Rick Veitch? The one where Sage was a "city shaman" who found secrets in snatches of random conversation? And it tied into an Aborted Arc in the Superman books? Of course, you don't.
    • The New 52 mystical Question run by Dan DiDio, which has absolutely nothing to do with the Questions, to the point that he might as well be an entirely new character. Not only was the series criticised, but the entire story arc with the Question, Pandora, and the Phantom Stranger is just considered pointless and with a lot wasted potential for all characters involved.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Vic is one for the DCU as a whole and the DCAU in particular. He was also this for the team behind Justice League Unlimited, to the point where they revealed that they had plans to continue the DCAU in the form of a spinoff show focusing on him.
    • Vic was also the winner of the first fan poll for which character should be included in the DC Universe Classics action figure line.
    • It's rather telling that when polls are taken as to who should be the next character to appear in the CW shows (Arrow or Flash) he commonly does well.
    • Renee as well, to the DCU as a whole. Replacing her Question with what felt like an In-Name-Only version of Vic that worked more like The Phantom Stranger was one of the less popular aspects of the New 52 (among many unpopular decisions).
  • Fan Preferred Pairing: Vic and Huntress thanks to Justice League Unlimited.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: In 52, after seeing from Black Adam's brother-in-law Amon that Shazam's power can restore the host's body to peak physical condition even when they're broken and paralyzed, he jokingly decides to yell "Shazam!", to Renee Montoya's confusion. Then you find out he's dying of lung cancer...
  • Harsher in Hindsight: In the very first issue of the O'Neil run, Dr. Rodor takes note of Vic's renewed taste for cigarettes, and cautions him against it. It comes across as basically a glorified "throwaway" moment. Little did everyone know...
  • My Real Daddy: Denny O'Neil for Sage, Greg Rucka for Montoya.
  • The Woobie: Renee, before she takes up the Question's mantle.