Awesome / The Man in the Iron Mask

  • In the 1998 film, D'Artagnan, the three Musketeers and Philippe are cornered by Louis's Musketeers who all have guns. They resolve to die together as befitting True Companions, and charge. This moves the other Musketeers so much that they all shoot to miss and salute them with their swords.
    Lieutenant Andre: Magnificent valour.

  • As D'Artagnan breathes his last, stabbed In the Back by Louis, Louis tries to take advantage of the distraction and escape, only to get Lieutenant Andre's blade to his throat.
    Lieutenant Andre: All my life, everything I ever wanted to be was him!

  • D'Artagnan dropping a Jesuit assassin about to kill Louis by hurling his sword through a water fountain from the other side of the courtyard they're all standing in.