Awesome / The Kane Chronicles

  • "I am Carter Kane. Blood of the Pharaohs, Eye of Horus. And now, Set-brother, uncle, traitor-I'm going to crush you like a gnat."
  • After our heroes were spending two chapters escaping from their god possessed grandparents. Bes manages to free them just by shouting "Boo!".
  • Desjardins, of all people, gets one when he execrates Apophis. To clarify, execration will pretty much erase anything lower than a god from existence- and for gods and things like Apophis, it's basically the equivalent of detonating a nuclear bomb in their face..
    Desjardins: Apophis, I name you Lord of Chaos, Serpent in the Dark, the Fear of the Twelve Houses, The Hated One. I speak for the gods. I speak for the House of Life. I am a servant of Ma'at. I cast you underfoot. I erase your name. I erase you from the memory of Egypt.
  • Walt and Anubis show what happens to anybody who threatens Sadie Kane - it's not pretty but it is awesome.
  • Possibly the most awesome Badass Boast of the entire series belongs to Zia Rashid, when hosting the spirit of Khepri.
    Zia/Khepri: I am Khepri, the rising sun. I will not be denied.