Heartwarming / The Kane Chronicles

  • When Bast gives a loving goodbye to Carter in the beginning of The Throne of Fire. Carter is moved by the affection she shows for him, because in the past he always thought of Bast as only Sadie's protector, and himself as just an extra burden for her.
    • Also, in The Red Pyramid when she swears never to leave their side again.
    "You two are like kittens to me now."
  • Sadie restoring Bes, who then gets together with Tawaret.
  • Carter finally getting to take Zia on that date at the mall.
  • Sadie accepting that she can have both Walt and Anubis and not lose either because of a curse or be separated forever by the god of air.
  • The cat-goddess Mekhit purring as she slow dances with her long lost husband.
  • All the little moments where Sadie and Carter understand each other for once, especially when Sadie learns Carter's secret name and doesn't tease him for once.
  • Heck the gods themselves. With the Greek Pantheon, there is always a sense of danger with them. That any moment they can turn you into a dolphin or threaten spontaneous combustion and are NEVER grateful. Here, most of the gods act downright chummy with them, and even treat mortals with respect. In the entire Percy Jackson series, you can count the number of times a god is grateful on one hand.
    • This is also clear in how they interact with each other. The Egyptian gods clearly care about one another, whereas with the Greek Pantheon very few of them seem to care about each other at all, even though they're all family. Even Set, the god of Evil, was and still is very loyal to Ra; a big part of the reason why he hates his siblings is because they overthrew him.
  • When Sadie gives Geb Nut's letter, and fireworks spring out to form her face. Geb himself is clearly moved by this, and helps Sadie as a thank you. (Keep in mind that Geb has been separated from his wife for thousands of years, yet they still love each other.)
  • In The Crown of Ptolemy, when Percy looks at Sadie, he imagines that a daughter between him and Annabeth would be just like her.