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Awesome: The Iliad
  • Automedon's charging the Trojan lines and then going head to head with Hector for a brief time, and comes out alive.
  • Menelaus, who is described as being the weakest warrior of the Greek kings and yet pulls off some of the most courageous actions.
  • Diomedes goes on a rampage through the trojan army, killing everyone he comes across, wounding Aphrodite and Ares, forcing the God of War to flee from him. He killed multiple Amazon and Trojan Princes, as well as manage to steal holy artifact by sneaking into Troy. The Trojans fear him more than ACHILLES (though considering the fact that he stay in his tent for half the war probably factor into that), the only person who he couldn't defeat was Hector the Greatest Trojan warrior, and it was a stalemate.
  • Helen standing up to Aphrodite. Even if Aphrodite threatens her into submission immediately after, it's nice to see someone in Greek mythology tell a god what a jerk she is.
  • Hector fighting Achilles. The best-known duel in all of Western literature.
  • Agamemnon! Despite what modern morons think of him, in Book 2, he's said to have the:

Head and eyes of Zeus, chest like Poseidon, waist like Ares.

In Book 3, even enemy King Priam stares at him from the walls and asks Helen:

Who is this huge warrior, this Achaean so great and strong? Many others are taller by a head but my eyes have never beheld one so handsome or noble. That man must be a king!

In Book 7, he's the first to voulnteer to fight Hector after Nestor's speech and along with Diomedes and Big Ajax is one of the three most wished for:

Father Zeus grant that the lot fall to (Big) Ajax or to the son of Tydeus (Diomedes) or to the king himself of all Mycenae's gold (Agamemnon)

In Book 11, Agamemnon has his aristeia or day of glory and is killing Trojans left and right like a killing machine, forcing them all to flee, and his day of glory is most similar to Achilles' in style and structure, even HECTOR is told to stay away by Zeus:

Go swift Iris and take this word unto Hector, so long as he shall see Agamemnon, shepherd of the host, raging amid the foremost fighters, laying waste to ranks of men, so long let him hold back, and bid the rest of the host fight with the foe in the fierce conflict. But when, either wounded by a spear-thrust or smitten by an arrow, Agamemnon shall leap upon his chariot, then will I vouchsafe strength to Hector to slay and slay until he come to the well-benched ships, and the sun sets and sacred darkness cometh on.

And finally in Book 23, when Agamemnon was about to compete for the spear throwing prize in Patroclus' funeral games, even ACHILLES pays him homage and finally admits what a badass Agamemnon is:

Son of Atreus, we know how far you excel us all, and how far you are the best in strength and in casting the spear, nay, take thou this prize and go thy way to the hollow ships; but the spear let us give to the warrior Meriones, if thy heart consenteth thereto: so at least would I have it.

Unlike Achilles, Diomedes, Hector, Aeneas or even Big Ajax, Agamemnon NEVER used the Gods to help him in battle. He was perhaps the best natural warrior of all! Even Achilles admitted as much! And considering that a few decades earlier in the Bronze Age, where a king was chosen because he was the strongest and had to fight any newcomers to the death or get be killed as a sacrifice, Agamemnon seems to be commander-in-chief and high king for a reason.
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