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Awesome: Team Four Star
TFS Let's Play - Left 4 Dead 2
  • At one point Lani surives an ambush by both a Tank and a Charger.
    • and a Jockey.
      Lani: Why does everything hurt?!
  • Even Taka gets one in No Mercy. He chases down a Witch and kills it with a DAMN AXE.
    • And then Lani takes on a Tank with a cricket bat. And lives.
  • In the first part of their Let's Play of "Dead Air" on Advanced, they're only mere inches a way from the first safe room when Kaiser shoots the car with the alarm, alerting the horde, AGAIN. Everyone quickly piles inside, except for Lani. Just as the horde closes in, he chucks a molotov at the ground a few feet in from of him, and proceeds to solo the entire horde!
  • Second part of their Let's Play of "Dead Air" on Advanced. Gan single handedly killing two witches with a shotgun, with no outside help. Keep in mind, this usually fails...horribly.
    • This happens again in fifth part of "Suicide Blitz," when they make their way through the movie theatre. While everyone else is off commenting on the whimsically parodied movie titles showing there, Gan rushes up and blindsides a Wandering Witch with a combat shotgun, once more, taking it down by himself... Without startling it.

TFS Let's Play - Halo Reach
  • in "Firefight" Taka announces at one point that he'll be taking a Mongoose, while Gan (currently in the process of trying to kill an Elite) and the others think nothing of it and let him have it. Seconds later, Gan is still trying to slay the Elite, which is now coming up the stairs, Cue the sight of Taka flying past Gan in the Mongoose, down the stairs, and running over the Elite, not only killing, but causing it to cartwheel comically through the air before he himself crashes into a pillar.
  • Lani's bubble shield in "New Alexandria". Gan acknowledges it.
  • Anything Lani does with a sword.
    • In Part 4 of the Pillar of Autumn, Lani takes out 4 Brutes with the last of his sword's power immediately before dying
    • Also in Pillar of Autumn, when he gets a sword and sees an Elite, he screams "YOU!" charges, and kills it.

TFS Let's Play- Serious Sam 3
  • In the first episode Lani tears out the eye of a monster and throws it at the next one he sees. It kills it.
  • When the team gets the Minigun in The Dark Bride part 2. Particularly the giant battle scene that follows.
    • Also in The Dark Bride pt 2, Gan finishes off one of the Fat ripping its head off.

TFS Let's Play- Mass Effect 3
  • Taka killing everything by headbutting it to death.

TFS Let's Play - Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic
  • Lani Force-pushes a Flesh Raider wannabe Jedi into a distant pyre, which then explodes.
  • This line from episode 11:
    Lani: God, this is so cool, I'm just flying with two lightsabers held out.
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