Awesome / Super Junior

  • Nobody would guess at first impressions, but Sungmin is very skilled in martial arts, as demonstrated in several variety shows.
  • Donghae doing magic tricks. Not only he's good at it, it was also included for the 4th album MV.
  • Henry Lau. Even if you are Only13 or support him as an official member, you have to admit the boy has mad skills at dancing and playing the violin. At the same time.
  • Kyuhyun's recovery by itself. He was ready to perform for the second album even when the doctors were expecting the worst outcome.
  • By May of 2013, after Super Junior successfully completed their Latin America tour, the guys returned to Korea as Heroes. Literally. They did.
    • Even Yesung (who was prohibited of participating for his upcoming military service) joined them as Nick Fury.
  • Ending One Direction's historic Teen Choice Awards winning streak.
  • Lo Siento alone is a compilation of Awesome moments:
    • The fact alone that the song is a product from two cultures merging sucessfully.
    • Both Leslie Grace and Play-n-Skillz got a big boost of popularity after this.
    • Officially Super Junior became the first Korean performers to get in the Latin Billboards list because of Lo Siento.

Explorers of the Human Body

Yes, because the show is a collective of the most funny and awesome moments for each member.

  • EHB episode 4. Kangin and Shindong got to lift 100 kgs. weights.
  • EHB episode 9 and 10. Dong Bang Shin Ki was the special guest for those two episodes, and if that alone (let's consider also that was the time TVXQ practically ruled the world and had the tightest schedule ever) wasn't enough...
    • Jaejoong didn't even blink at any of the deadly spicy chillis Suju had to endure.
    • The dodgeball tournament. Even if it had lots of goofy moments for each side, the matches got very intense, especially...
    • YUNHO. VS. SIWON. Enough said.
    • The dash competition between the two teams. Not only did Siwon won for his team, by the next two chapters we get to know that it also cost his ankle.
  • EHB episode 11 gave us Kyuhyun practicing for several hours to shoot with bow and arrow. He not only got to success hitting the red zone, he also shot in the middle of it, hitting the camera in it.