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Tear Jerker: Super Junior
  • Donghae's dad passed away from cancer shortly after Donghae debuted as a singer and before Donghae could even give him his first paycheck. Donghae was unaware of how serious his father's condition was at the time. He says his greatest wish is for his father to see him perform on stage and to sing for him just once The members have shed tears over the passing of his father as well.
    • In general, everytime the interviewers ask Donghae about his father, the poor guy ends up crying. You want to either hug Donghae or smack the interviewer over the head.
    • Let's remember Donghae's father's dream was to be a performer, so Donghae decided to follow that dream as his own, instead of becoming an athlete. Worst of all? His father passed away before Donghae's debut.
    • Donghae still keeps his father's number in his phone. As if that wasn't heartbreaking enough, he still badly wants to call his father on his birthday every year and for every award Super Junior gets, especially upon seeing the other members call their respective parents. Damn.
    • Donghae's 4th album message to his father.
  • The first car accident, which got Heechul in critical condition. He ended up with his leg fractured in three parts, having to use an iron bar in his femur for many years.
  • The infamous car accident in 2007 that almost killed Kyuhyun. All fans and the members were mortified when his diagnostic was revealed.
    • Fortunately, and against all pronostics, Kyuhyun got to rehab six months later ready to perform again.
  • Leeteuk's tweets tended to be sad and depressive around 2009. You either wanted to hug him or tell him to get over it.
    • To be fair, He was getting a lot to deal with for being the leader, includng from the netizens, the Hate Dumb and the producers.
  • Kangin's departure from the group to fulfill his military service. Not only was this, but because of the circumstances of this: He just fucked up with a Bar Brawl and a DUI and had to be in hiatus indefinetely. It wasn't even a sure thing he would return as a part of the group after the scandals.
    • Fortunately he returned more mature and wiser and went back to perform again with the group.
  • Also Hankyung's separation from the group and his lawsuit with SM. Not only became a Base Breaker, but the other guys didn't take it well.
    • Heechul was the only one declaring by his blog how much he missed Hankyung.
    • Siwon went to visit Hankyung to China and assure to him nobody is mad at him. Poor Hannie cried his heart out.
    • When introducing "Shake It Up!", the last song with Hankyung's vocals, Donghae was clearly having a hard time. His choice of words made it even more obvious.
  • Heechul's goodbye before also leaving for the army.
  • Yesung's departure for his mandatory service was so quiet that he even avoided the fans stationed in the front of the base by going throug a service backdoor, fullfilling his own word of going to service as modest as possible.
    • Days later, his brother Jongjin explained to the fans that Yesung wanted a no-media-attention for his enlisting because he felt bad for having to do desk jobs at the service instead of doing regular grunt work. For outsiders it's not a big deal, but he's aware that the korean media in general has very demanding standards for everything, so he wanted to ease the reactions. Yesung still was concerned for the well being of all the fans who waited for him even when he told everyone to not come.

Explorers of the Human Body

  • Eunhyuk admitting he would be destroyed if the group got to disband. Counts as Harsher in Hindsight when we took events of late 2011, thought.
  • Althought it was for the show's goal (get Ryeowook and Eunhyuk's tears), Kyuhyun's declaration of him feeling insecure about his health condition and failing to be useful to the group is very heartbreaking, especially if you consider all of this is true.
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