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Heartwarming: Super Junior
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Explorers of the Human Body

  • Eunhyuk admitting he would be destroyed if the group got to disband. Counts as Harsher in Hindsight and Tear Jerker when we take events of late 2011, thought.
  • Kyuhyun determined to prove himself at the archery challenge. You just wanted to hug him when watching him practicing in the cold night.

  • Kangin's return to the group from the army, which featured...
    • ... Kangin first striding with hands on his hips, then breaking into a bit of a run into Leeteuk's arms.
    • ... Leeteuk standing right at the gates, closer than almost everyone else, and immediately clapping when he sees Kangin first. He is also the first to hug the newly-discharged member.
    • ... everyone else coming into a tight group hug. Especially heartwarming when you consider the controversies that plagued Kangin in 2009 before his army service; no matter what he did, the rest of Super Junior loves him and eagerly welcomes him back.
    • ... Donghae almost crying as he holds Kangin's hand.
  • After Hankyung's departure, he was surprised months later by Siwon visiting him at a TV interview. Not only that, Siwon hugged him and assured Hankyung he always forgave him for all that happened during that time. Awww!
  • During one stop of the Super Show 3 tour, the ELF started chanting for the (still) missing Kibum as the members introduced themselves. Leeteuk took notice and stood where Kibum should have been to do the introduction himself instead—but he didn't stop there. He also hopped into Hankyung and Kangin's spots to do their respective introductions as well.
  • The recent reunion of Hangeng and Heechul. They just went to hang out like old times. Hangeng even considered the possibility of performing along with Super Junior one day if it weren't because of their agencies.

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