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YMMV: Super Junior
  • Broken Base: Has happened several times within the fandom, such as after the original addition of Kyuhyun as the 13th member, the addition of Zhou Mi and Henry for Super Junior M, and the constant fights about how many members Super Junior actually has (thoughts range from 13, to 15, to 10, 8, 11 etc).
    • Kibum's presence (or lack of it), Kangin's scruffles with the law, and Hankyung's lawsuit.
    • Speaking of Kibum's status in the group, there was also his fanmeeting in Thailand in 2013, where he was presented as "Actor Kim Kibum", instead of "Super Junior Kim Kibum". Some fans were excited for having him again in the limelight, while others were enraged at the title (which created more questions about his actual status relating to the band).
    • There's certain groups within the fandom called "13elieve" (supporting only 13 members of the group), those who support all 15... It's a very polarizing fandom.
    • Another example of this has been with the debut by Super Junior's record company of boy band EXO, which has 12 members - half of which promote in China. Comparisons are constantly drawn, with parts of the fandom quite bitter about the amount of money spent on EXO while Super Junior's last four music videos have been basically the same, set and costume-wise, and other parts of the fandom jumping ship to pay attention to EXO instead.
    • Sungmin's announcement of his engagement and future wedding. Aside for the predictably ammount of jealous fangirls (also reported that many sites for Sungmin got closed after the news), it's also rumoured that even Sungmin's parents and some of the members are not cool with this. Also, there're other fans who fully support Sungmin's decision of tying the knot.
  • Cargo Ship:
    • Sungmin and Sweet Pumpkins. There's a sketch of Sungmin finding a Sweet Pumpkin on the street and, instead of picking it, he hides it by sitting on it (and it also happens that he was wearing a big tulle skirt for no reason).
    • Eunhyuk and Strawberry Milk
    • Yesung and Coffee
    • Recently with the MAMACITA video, Kangin and Watermelon. In the MV, Kangin's character was cuddling a watermelon. When Leeteuk bumps into him and the watermellon breaks, Kangin throws a tantrum, cries and swears revenge on the thief.
      • Also Heechul had this to say about Kangin:
      Heechul: I want to say that Kangin looks so well in the fruit seller. lol. He likes to eat watermelon, so he eats that even in winter by getting if from somewhere. ^^
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: There's a lot, like the members going out to beat up racists who picked on Hankyung. Basically, any candid moment baring the boys' experiences in their youth or while they're not in front of the camera invokes this trope.
  • Die for Our Ship: Considering there are A LOT of examples in fanfiction in general, let's mention the most common:
    • Zhoumi for Kyumin shippers. Most fics tend to portray him as the third wheel or a villain in favor of Kyuhyun and Sungmin as main couple. This, weird enough, rearely happens the other way with Qmi shippers, who just plain ignore Sungmin of the equation.
      • Speaking of Kyumin: Let's also add Ryeowook (mainly for the possibility of Kyuwook), and Sooyoung and Sunny both for Sungmin.
      • Fx Victoria for some reason is getting a lot of portrayals as First Love for Kyunhyun.
    • Jessica for any pair involving Donghae, due to past rumours of them being a couple in training days.
    • Either Kibum or Eunhyuk for Kihae or Eunhae shippers.
      • After the Twitter "accidental" photo post, a lot of fans, including Eunhae shippers, started harrasing IU for her photo with Eunhyuk. There were also some fanfiction out there, too.
    • Strangely averted with Sihan, Hanchul or Sichul, where either go straight to the romance or even ends up in Sihanchul.
    • Meta example: Just be a female celebrity and team up with any of the boys even for a TV challenge. You'll get harrased or be written as a bitch in a fanfiction by the shipper fanbase.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Ryeowook's role as the spastic student council vice-president in the band's Affectionate Parody}} movie "Attack on the Pin-Up Boys" was a fan favorite and actually won him both praise from movie critics and nominations for Best Supporting Actor and Best Comedic Performance at the Korean Movie Awards.
    • In a minor level, their manager Kim Junghoon, also has his own following as he's good looking and looks like the boys' big brother. He even was nicknamed "Prince Manager" and had his own fan signs.
  • Earworm: Sorry sorry sorry sorry! Bonamana bonamana bonamana!
    • Just about everything they come out with, really.
  • Face of the Band}}: Originally Siwon and Kibum for album covers, now only Siwon. Kyuhyun is on his way to achieving this status as well.
    • For variety shows though, it's Eeteuk.
  • Flanderization / Alternative Character Interpretation: Mostly in Fanfiction or Memetic Mutation
    • Kyuhyun is evil, or a just a Mouthy Kid Troll.
    • Sungmin Tastes Like Diabetes, who tends to forget he's a martial arts blackbelt and gets a lot of Chickification.
    • Ryeowook is extremely sassy and effeminate.
    • Leeteuk is a complete mom and gets a similar treatment as Sungmin and Ryeowook above.
    • Shindong is fat (and that tends to be the only component of his character).
    • Siwon is extremely catholic (althought he's christian), or a Magnificent Bastard when the Altern Universe plot requires it.
    • Yesung is an emo klutz or a very dark dominant male.
    • Kangin is either an Overprotective boyfriend and A Father to His Men or a Short-tempered bully that will punch everyone who dares to contradict Leeteuk.
    • Hankyung, depending on the writer, is quiet, wise and foreign (yes, that's basically most of his traits) and has an Undying Loyalty for Heechul.
    • Heechul is a Magnificent Bastard and gets an exaggerated It's All About Me personality.
  • Felony Misdemeanor: Except for Shindong who was happily engaged (no longer the case, thought), whenever the other guys are spotted with a girl or are good friends with a girl celebrity, the fanbase of both sides flip out and the flames start all over the forums and fan-cafes.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: During the Explorers of the Human Body program, the members pranked Eunhyuk and Ryeowook to make them cry tears of genuine sadness. They did this by pretending to start a fight over Shindong leaving the group to pursue a hosting career. After the fiasco had ended, Kangin said "we must never let this happen in the future," "this" being the breakup of the group. Fast-forward to 2011—Kangin ended up taking early military service after his drunken assault, Han Geng sued their label and went back to China to start a solo career, and Kibum hasn't been seen anywhere since Sorry, Sorry.
    • Kangin has returned, however. And unlike most solo artists who have left their bands, Han Geng has not waved off the possibility of a reunion. The only problem lies with SM Entertainment.
  • Gag Penis: Yesung has become Memetic Mutation between female fans. It doesn't really help that his signature looks and stage costumes focus a lot on his pants fitting, if you look closely.
    • Even in his casual clothes, the fitting on his jeans makes it very notorious.
    • For the latinamerican fanbase, google "Yeyeconda", that's all the prove you need.
  • Genius Bonus: SPY was launched the same year the James Bond franchise's 50th anniversary.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Henry and Zhou Mi are not popular in Korea, though this has died down a bit. However, they're two of the more popular members in North America.
  • Ho Yay: Inevitable.
  • Jerk With A Heart Of Jerk: Shindong (in respect to his comments about women/weight loss and some of his stage antics).
  • Jerkass Woobie: Some see Heechul as this.
    • Eeteuk. What with the sexist comments, his need to always be in the spotlight, and the infamous blackface incident, he's been getting a lot of rage. At the same time, he does try hard to be a good leader, and a combination the band splintering, the incredibly hectic work schedule, falling sales, and the impending two years' national service that might erase everything he's worked so hard for has really taken a toll on him. When news of his incredibly depressing tweets and videos of him bawling his eyes out during Heechul's last stage came out, fan reaction could be summarised as: Come here so I can give you a hug, you fucking asshat!
  • Memetic Mutation: You are so gorgeous! Nice weather! Mother-father! Okay we can!
  • Never Live It Down: The members once outted Eunhyuk for watching porn and having smelly feet.
    • They also make fun of Siwon's exaggerated hand gestures.
    • And then there's No Sense of Personal Space...
    • Sungmin would bring up at any opportunity that Heechul kissed him in a concert.
  • Portmanteau Couple Name: In a group of thirteen to fifteen men with a possibility of 105 pairings (not even going into the threesomes), this is inevitable. Examples include Kangteuk, Hanchul, and Eunhae.
  • Shipping / Ho Yay: The members are well aware of this, particularly Eeteuk+Kangin and Eunhyuk+Donghae, and insist on playing it up.
    • Heechul has admitted to reading fanfics about him. Specifically, Slash Fic of him and Han Geng, who he apparently can't look at the same after...
      • Later on, Heechul also wrote a Teukchul fanfiction.
    • Eunhyuk enjoys KangTeuk fics, especially ones where they have children.
    • A fan wrote in a question to a radio station asking Yesung if he had ever read fanfics, and how he felt about them. His reply (translated): "I've read once. But why?! Why?! Why is it about the relationships between our members?...Why always me dating Ryeowookie?"
    • Foe Yay: Sungmin/Heechul would bicker A LOT and both are shown to have very awkward tension on camera, and still they fueled the shipping with their Concert Kiss.
    • Ships That Pass in the Night: Another unusual couple in fandom, besides the Crack Pairs, is "2jin", which stands for Jongjin and Sungjin, Yesung's an Sungmin's younger brothers. Helps fueling the shipping the fact that both are cute as well and seem to be good friends also. This is also subverted, since both of them knew each other from their brothers' family reunions.
    • Fan-Preferred Couple:
      • Inside the group, the most popular pairings are Kangteuk, Eunhae, Yewook and Kyumin (followed by Qmi).
      • Recently it's becoming quite popular Henry/Amber, especially with their collab for the song 1-4-3 (code for "I love you"), and many photos they take together going to dinner or the gym.
      • One True Threesome: The most popular are SiHanChul and EunSiHae.
  • Signature Song: "Sorry, Sorry." Apologies made in the same manner in spoken conversation often invite a Super Junior reference, even amongst non K-pop fans.
  • Special Effect Failure: The 'poop' that was thrown in their movie.
  • Squick: In the movie, the prospect of been attacked with poop.
    • Also lampshaded in-universe by Donghae, who asks Kibum if he had to crap inside the bag. Then we find out Kibum also got his ammunition from the Panda.
  • Take That: The inclusion of M's Perfection on the fifth album as a bonus track (a song that heavily features Henry and Zhou Mi) looks to be a shot at the Only13 portion of their fan club.
  • Tear Jerker: Now with it's own page
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: This is a reason for the fanbase's adament hatred for the idea of returning Super Junior's concept to a rotational group, a la Morning Musume. They don't want new members to join and they don't want old members to leave. And then came Henry and Zhou Mi.
  • Values Dissonance: The members' views on homosexuality and women's rights are often attacked by international fans, despite being perfectly fine in the group's home country.
    • Although Shindong's even been called out by Korean fans for acting like a moron on an awards show (going behind winner IU and making stupid faces even after someone tried to pull him back - twice!), and commenting that women should be skinny and take care of themselves.
    • There's also values dissonance on the part of the fandom - Shindong was revealed to have had plastic surgery, and pretty much the entire SJ fandom cooed over it - a far cry from how they treat female idols who admit to it! (To be fair, female k-pop idols have far more rigid standards than male.)
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Many of the boys, but especially Heechul.
  • The Woobie: A majority of them due to being overworked, underpaid, with few hours to sleep, crazy fans, and rarely getting to see their families.
    • Eeteuk, the overworked and always depressed leader.
    • Donghae, whose father died and has to put up with talking about it in more interviews and talk shows than necessary leading to the poor guy crying every time.
    • Kyuhyun who almost died in a car accident.
    • Henry and Zhou Mi who split the fanbase.
    • Some of Han Geng defenders say he had the rights to quit for being over-exploited and was feeling sick lately, having to endure the criticisms from everyone, including his former bandmates.
      • Other fans instead see him as an Ungrateful Bastard for leaving without talking with the other members about his choice.

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