Awesome / Still Game

  • In the episode "Lights Out" a pair of criminals disguised as policemen have been ransacking the pensioners' flats during a power outage. As they make their escape in an elevator, Winston happens to be there minding his own business. He talks to them about how "good a job they're doing", making us think he is fooled by the disguise; until he lifts a sock into view and places a snooker ball inside (two objects he had taken for protection earlier in the episode) before smacking both crooks upside the head with it.
    • Winston gets another one in the very next episode "Seconds Out". Having got a new job as a pizza delivery boy, Jack and Victor are determined to make Winston late in delivering it so they will get a free pizza. At the end of the episode they go all out, using a simple Road Diversion sign, a van blocking the road, even going as far as dropping a wardrobe in front of him (which Winston simply drives straight through, shattering it to pieces), before finally popping the tires on his scooter with road spikes. Not giving up, Winston takes a motorised chair from a disabled friend, who just happened to be passing, and makes it to the flats on time, only to find Jack has used a broom to lock the front doors. Not giving up, Winston uses a window cleaners lift to scale up the side of the building and punch in the window to the flat, where he hands the guys their pizza and gets his money, with just seconds to spare.
      Winston: (Punches through glass) 9.95!
  • Earlier, in the second series, Jack and Victor share one with their fantastic speech about the dangers of loan sharks.
  • Tam discovers an emotionally and mentally shattered Winston rocking back and forth in the bookies after losing over 28 grand and dispenses with his tight-arse persona in order to sort him out.
    Winston: Oh Jesus...what have I done?
    Tam: It disnae matter. C'mon, I'll get ye a pint.