Awesome: Star Wars: Battlefront

  • Jedi in the first game were so overpowered that killing one, however you did it, is generally an MOA.
  • On the Xbox version, you have the option of fighting the AI, who can use the hero option against you... it's quite possible to win with a regular Clone, Rebel, Droid, or Stormtrooper rifleman class.
  • The Super Battle Droids get one in the battle with the Gungans on Naboo's hunt mode. They have grenades and fusion cutters, the droids have automatic rifles, shotguns and wrist blasters.
  • The fact that DICE, the company behind the Battlefield games, is making the long-awaited third installment.
  • There's normally one per campaign mission. In the tutorial alone, you raze dozens of capture points, take out endless waves of enemies and even take down an entire column of Spider-Walkers, single handedly.
  • Sometimes, you may be the only soldier left on your team, while the enemy has about 30 or so. If that happens, and you manage to stay alive, you can single handedly decimate the remaining enemies with just your cunning, your guile, and the weapons you carry. As Long as There Is One Man, they. Will. Not. Win.
  • The E3 Trailer for DICE's Battlefront shows just how much effort the company is putting into the game; not only did they visit the Lucas Cultural Arts Museum to study the original props and models used in the films, they actually went to the original filming locations of the Original Trilogy to capture both the environments and emotions they convey. And by god, even the early in-game footage looks/sounds marvelous.
  • Republic ending in Galactic Conquest mode in II, which is also a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming, with Mace Windu killing Palpatine, Obi-Wan killing Grievous, and Anakin becoming a Jedi Master.