Awesome: Rogue Squadron

Rogue Squadron
  • The Y-wing pilot disabling and taunting the TIE pilot (Kasaan Moor) at the end of "Liberation of Gerrard V".
    Y-wing pilot: Ha! Like shooting Y-wings, do ya? Here's a little message from Gold Squadron!
  • The fight against Moff Seerdon in "Moff Seerdon's Revenge." After enduring his taunts and condescension for the latter half of the game, when he seems one step ahead of you the whole time, you get to take him on one-on-one. His dialogue and threats become steadily more empty and pathetic as the fight wears on, until his satisfying scream when he finally dies.

Battle for Naboo
  • Several people have wondered how Anakin was able to fly into the Trade Federation Control Ship's hangar when the ship is allegedly heavily shielded. You learn in the final level it's because you took out the shields for him.

Rogue Leader
  • The very first mission in Rogue Leader is the famous Death Star assault, right down to the station-exploding shot.
  • In "Razor Rendevous", you play as Wedge in a B-wing and, if you know exactly what to do, you can take out a Star Destroyer in under a minute. On your own.
  • In "Imperial Academy Heist", you can hijack a TIE Fighter. At night, you just shoot the pilot and then capture his ship, but in the daytime, you disable the fighter while it's flying and force the pilot to hand the ship over. If you then follow the line of training TIE Fighters, you can slip through the campus unnoticed until you get to the shuttle.
  • "Battle of Endor":
    • As the entire fleet turns around and finds themselves trapped between the Death Star II and a massive Imperial fleet, over one hundred TIE Interceptors engage all of you in combat. For many players, this is Oh Crap! meets That One Level meets "this is going to be awesome."
    • Destroying two Star Destroyers with only an X-wing (if this is your first time playing).
  • There are two alternate reality levels where you play as Darth Freakin' Vader, in a ship with cluster missiles, no less.

Rebel Strike
  • In one level you hijack an AT-AT (Yes, an AT-AT. The big one.) and blow the ever-lasting shit out of a lot of expensive-looking Imperial stuff. For all of the game's shortcomings, the power trip you get from finally putting the Empire on the receiving end of that behemoth (and laughing maniacally while you're at it, of course) is arguably worth it.
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