Awesome / Spider Riders

  • Even in the English dub (mostly its overuse of the phrase Arachna Power), the very first time Hunter transforms has got to be one of the awesome moments of the series.
    Invectid Officer: Me! Beaten by a child!
    Hunter: I'm not a child! (promptly stabs the Invectid machine)
  • Despite spending most of their time getting beaten senseless, Hunter and Shadow did some excellent fighting in episode 3.
  • The flashback scene in episode 5, with King Arachna and his Spider battling side-by-side aganist the Invectids. The fact that the battle led to the origins of the Spider Riders doesn't hurt.
  • Seeing lazy Prince Lumen take action in episode 7 was well worth the wait. He even fought without throwing a single punch, yet the best part is when he lets his spider Ebony out to play.
  • The first time Hunter and Shadow used the Oracle Key to destroy the Battle Beetle in episode 13.
    Hunter: In Oracle's name, you chose the wrong Spider Rider to kick around!
  • While Stags let his Honor Before Reason mentality ruin it, Grasshop's scheme to steal Hunter's Oracle Key in the episode "Stags's Challenge" worked pretty well. As Grasshop said:
    Hunter: You'll never win, Stags! Hear me?! Never!
    Stags: I am an Invectid warrior! I shall fight to the end!
  • Despite it being a mostly funny episode, episode 20 has a very poignant moment at the end. When Hunter tries to end Grasshop's life once and for all... and then misses. He takes a moment to look at the audience and realizes that Quake wouldn't do that.
  • While they're not on par with the Spider Riders, the normal human members of the Arachna army put up a good fight against the invading Invectid forces in episode 25.
  • In the episode "Protectors of Life", Grasshop not only manages to sneak up on the Battle Beetle, but manages to remove its regeneration component without Buguese noticing.
    Buguese: Someone must have removed the regeneration device! Grasshop!
  • It's impressive watching Hunter and Corona working together in episode 40 to put their Key in the orb. Though admittedly it's Corona who's doing almost all the work.
  • Gotta give credit to the Invectid Sergeant who let Grasshop and the Spider Riders slip into Mantid's Palace. The guy really stuck his neck out to do the right thing, and on a hunch no less.
    Grasshop: Thank you, Sergeant. I knew you were a good soldier!
    Invectid Sergeant: You will find many in the ranks who are tired of fighting this pointless war.
  • Quake's transformation into his youthful form and subsequent attack on Mantid and his 'Ark of Destiny' in "Faces of Fear".
    Mantid: Don't be a fool! No mere human can overcome my power, Quake!
    Quake: (breaks the barrier surrounding Mantid's ship) The Spider Riders fight for all life!
  • Almost all of the fights in "Arachna Power" qualify as awesome. Let's not forget the part when Hunter spares Mantid's life and offers him his hand in friendship.
    Mantid: What was that?
    Mantid: You, you want to help me?