Awesome: Spice and Wolf

  • Each time Holo's true form makes an appearance, something awesome (and terrifying) is about to happen.
    • Curbstomping the thugs during the Silver Devaluation arc.
    • The showdown during the Bankrupcy arc.
  • Lawrence out-gambitting others also tends to be awesome.
    • Talking the Milone Trading Company into assisting with Holo's rescue.
    • Twisting the arm of a crooked merchant (who tried to cheat him) into a better deal.
    • The conclusion of the bankruptcy arc where he succeeds in voiding his debt and then names the terms of a new deal with his former debtor.
    • In the Pyrite arc, Lawrence crashes a miniature economy to win back his girlfriend. More impressive is Holo managing both him and Amarti to achieve the outcome she wanted. Lawrence's self-doubt made it harder for her because he missed certain ques.
  • Nora's reaction to seeing Holo's Canis Major form is the same as any mundane wolf; point her staff and shout "Enite, go!"
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