Heartwarming / Spice and Wolf

  • In "Wolf and Silent Farewell" Lawrence is offered personal safety, his own shop, and married life if he would hand Holo over to Medio trading company. Holo expects him to take it but he doesn't. Of course, he insists it's a matter of merchant honor because he made a promise.
  • Lawrence 'catching the tail of happiness' in the apty named episode "Wolf and the Tail of Happiness."
  • During Lawrence's Darkest Hour in "Wolf and the Swirling Plot" Holo shows genuine concern; a rarity for Miss. Tease.
    • The following Slap Slap Hug later in the episode where Holo in a affectionately abrasive way forces him to spit out what she means to him. Then they both laugh. In such heavy circumstances, a good laugh is just what they needed.
  • Holo's Inner Monologue about how life in her loneliness had been so uneventful so as to not be worth mentioning, how every day was exactly the same as the other for hundreds of years, in comparison to how her experiences with Lawrence are far more unique. Holo speaks of how each day with him makes her feel reborn and she enjoys the playful bantering they share, and how each night she looks at him and thinks about how he was yesterday and what he will be tomorrow, there is never a day she doesn't feel happy with him. This monologue is then followed up by a heartwarming dream where she and Lawrence hug in a field and share a "wolf's kiss" (rubbing each other's noses). There is something so romantic about how much longing there is in her words and thoughts about Lawrence.
    • During the same segment, Holo's tail starts to wag when she hears and smells Lawrence coming...and then, being the Tsundere that she is, she tries to hold her tail still so he won't notice.
  • Holo telling Lawrence in "Wolf and Lovers Quarrel" that she's glad to give up her life for him, as he cured her loneliness.
  • After the First arc of season II where Lawrence and Holo are finally comfortable enough with their feelings to engage in playful Ham-to-Ham combat and it ends with Lawrence kissing her hand and Holo lossing her composure and hugging him. Daww!!!
  • In the final novel? Lawrence and Holo make it work, end up together and have a child while opening an inn called Spice And Wolf. All their time on the road ends in the sweetest way it could, and Holo gains a new love for life.