Heartwarming / Spider Riders

  • Despite all the deceptions, Beerain (posing as Lady Noia) bandaging up Lumen's injury after inadvertently causing it. It was surprisingly sweet considering it's well, Beerain.
  • Episode 27 shows that while Grasshop messes up (a lot) his family and colleagues still appreciate him. I think his wife put it best.
    Weevil: He maybe a goof, but he's my goof.
  • If you don't feel bad for Beerain when Buguese practically attacks her in episode 44. Then you have got to be one of the her haters, cause even Grasshop was nice to her after that. Considering how she treated him all those times before. He's even able to get her laughing again, which is nice to see.
  • Speaking of Grasshop, just about all of him and the Princess Sparkle moments in the episodes "Grasshop’s Misfortune" and "Spies and Lies" are moments of heartwarming.
    Sparkle: Hotarla, I don't think that Uncle Hop likes us, not anymore.
    Grasshop: How could anyone dislike you.
    • And then there was that time in episode 49 when he literally got on his hands and knees before and Axe Crazy Mantid thinking it might help the Spider Riders.
    Grasshop: I beg you to listen to my plea. I have lived with the Spider Riders for a while and learned that contrary to popular belief, there not mean and greedy. There actually pretty nice and want everyone to be happy and live in peace. They share food and help others who are in need or being attacked. They're really not bad, for humans. Please, you can do whatever you want with me, just spare there lives.
  • The end of 34 when Buguese arrives and captures Corona, then tries to use her as bait to take the Oracle Keys. He insists that Aqune bring them to him. She refuses at first, knowing that the Spider Riders want only to protect them. But once Hunter tells her it's alright, she instantly realizes that Corona's saftey is much more important. In the end she made the right call needing little persuasion. Way to go Aqune! (well, at least in the dub anyway).
  • Watching the Nuuman people plead with Hunter and the other riders in "The Confrontation" to save themselves rather than risk getting killed by Stags.
    Nuuman: Please, take your spiders and flee!
    Hunter: Some champion I turned out to be. The people I'm supposed to protect are trying to save me!
    • Grasshop debating what he should do to stop Buguese and Aqune from stealing the Oracle Key. Just the fact that he still wants to save the humans despite his fear is heartwarming.
    Grasshop: This hero stuff is hard!
  • When the Oracle used her influence to save Beerain from the mind controlled Aqune in "Fly no Longer". I mean sure, we'd been told from the begining that the Oracle treasures all life in the Inner World. But this was the first bit of sold proof that yes, Spirit Oracle will do everything in her power to protect all life. Including Invectids.
  • Hunter and Shadow confronting Buguese while being Mantid's guests in episode 46. Then telling him they're willing to believe in him. The gesture of trust actually leaves Buguese momentarily stunned.
    Buguese: (thinks to himself) Can it be, my enemy trusts me more than my master?
    • Aqune even smiles at the conversation.
  • How can this list not include the scene from episode 49 where Buguese finally releases Aqune? Complete with Cooldown Hug and his thinking back about his regret, it was just touching.
  • Episode 50 has Grasshop's wife Weeval convince their children that Grasshop will appear if the call for him. A second after they do just that, their door opens and Grasshop appears.
    Both Children: Help us!
    Grasshop: I'm here, are you alright?
  • But the "CMOH" goes to Mantid himself. That's right, Mantid. It's really best in the dub actually. He pops out of the portal fully human and the first thing he does is rush into Lorraine's arms.
    Mantid: I feel like I'm waking from a long dark dream Lorriane.
    Lorraine: It's over now.