Trivia / Spider Riders

  • Channel Hop: In Japan, From TV Tokyo to its cable TV channel, Kids Station after 6 months season the first season ended.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices: Hunter and Lumen both have female seiyuu (while Hunter also has a female VO in the English dub, Lumen was voiced by then 14-year-old Cameron Ansell, who is male). On the other hand, Grasshop's wife is voiced by a man, who also voiced Grasshop himself.
  • Fan Nickname: Iggy for Igneous.
  • Retroactive Recognition: "Calling All Spider Riders", the theme song for the English dub, was performed by a young Drake. (He had already been in DeGrassi but this was before his successful music career).
  • Talking to Himself: Grasshop and his wife in English and Japanese; also in the English dub, Hunter shares a voice actress with the Oracle, Lilly and Queen Illuma. And yes, there's times when one or both women are talking with him.