Awesome: Spaced

  • The two slow motion finger gun fights, among other things.
  • "It's not a bedsit. It's a flat!" in Episode 4 (Battles), before shooting Duane in the bollocks with a paintball
  • Just as "Vulva" destroys Brian's ego, Tim, monged out on speed, Twiglets and Resident Evil 2, sees him as a zombie and punches him out.
  • The end of the Robot Wars-esque fight between Tim & Mike's Private Iron and Dexter & Cromwell's War Bastard.
    Dexter & Cromwell: That's not fair!
    Tim & Mike: [In high pitched, whiny voices] That's not fair, that's not fair!
  • The entire Tekken argument sequence. Masterfully edited, written and acted. Not a wasted word is spoken, and it truly showcases the talent and collaborative abilities of Jessica Stevenson, Simon Pegg, and Edgar Wright.
  • The clubbing sequence, which culminates in a remix of The A-Team theme.
  • Daisy beating the shit out the agents in the pub.