Awesome / Something Wicked This Way Comes

  • Just the title alone. One of the most dark, chilling, and iconic titles in all of literature, and a masterful use of the Literary Allusion Title in reference to Macbeth.
  • Will facing the Dust Witch, alone. Even when his plan to take her out goes horribly wrong, he still finds a way to fight her off.
  • Charles Holloway's faceoff against Mr. Dark. Need I say more?
    • It gets better. After the Dust Witch joins in, he quickly figures out what's what and finds a way to completely cripple all of her senses!
  • Tom Fury has two moments of awesome appears in the Disney movie: The first one is during his resistance to Mr. Dark's electroshock torture. And then, after Charles shatters the illusions appearing in the mirrors, Tom arrives and stabs the Dust Witch with a now fully charged lightning rod, disintegrating her.
  • Mr. Dark's evil monologue in the library, where he throws away Charles Holloway's years like a demented auctioneer. He makes a Faustian bargain sound perfectly reasonable while scaring the holy hell out of the audience with nothing but his words.