YMMV / Something Wicked This Way Comes

Tropes for the film:

  • Fridge Horror: In the film the old school teacher Miss Foley wishes to be a beautiful young woman again, as she was once regarded as the most beautiful woman in the entire town. She gets her wish and is restored to a lovely young blonde woman, but she is made blind and thus unable to appreciate her own restored beauty among other obvious handicaps, and becomes a prisoner of Mr. Dark and his minions, who lead her around town as part of their stock company, and she is completely unable to escape. When you think about it, being led around for the amusement of your new evil masters is nowhere near as bad as some of the other things they could do to take advantage of a beautiful but helpless woman... assuming they didn't have their way with her off camera.
    • It's not really any better in the book. Miss Foley isn't blinded, but she's made too young— instead of being the beautiful young woman she was in her prime, she's an adorable little girl... alone, scared, and helpless.
    • More Fridge Horror: She's implied to have been collected by the circus shortly after the boys meet her, likely for purposes of interrogation. She's never seen again, and the boys can only guess at what happened to her thereafter.
  • Nightmare Fuel: This is among Disney's most frightening movies for various reasons!
    • Specifically, arachnophobes should definitely stay away from this film.
  • Special Effects Failure: Averted. Two scenes of special effects (one of the steam from the train turning into carnival attractions and the other of a giant hand) were cut from the film because they were deemed to be too unrealistic.