Awesome / Shikkoku no Sharnoth

  • Any time Mary faces down the metacreatures, refusing to give them the eye.
  • In chapter nine, M threatens to strangle Mary if she continues to be defiant. Her response:
Mary: Fine, go ahead. Take away my words, if you really have to do that to bring Charlie back. I've never forgotten about the contract. I am your bait. Whenever and wherever I am, I'll run away from those monsters in the black city for you. But if you're going to hurt someone again, I won't forgive you.
  • Moran protecting Mary when O'Neal breaks into their hotel room at the Ritz. She survives multiple rounds from machine guns, jumps out of a window from several stories high, and ends up losing an arm in order to save her.
  • Mary's entire journey to the black castle in the final chapter, despite M doing everything in his power to stop her.