Funny / Shikkoku no Sharnoth

  • Early on, in Act 3, Mary and Moran have a conversation while walking. Mary eventually notices that they're attracting quite a bit of attention, being a college student and a female soldier. She suggests that maybe they should continue the conversation later. Moran then explains how she isn't attracting any attention, given her suggestion camoulage. Mary thinks about the applications of such a device, and then realises:
    Mary: If that's true, then that means they can
    Moran: Yes.
    Mary: ... *kicked puppy expression*
    Moran: I recommend silence. The masses should lose interest within a few minutes.
    Mary: ...yes...*same expression*
  • Mary and M sharing an awkward moment (for Mary at least) at the theater.
  • Angie getting pissed about M manipulating Mary and standing up in the car ranting and raving while Howard tries to calm her down.