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Awesome: Pokémon 4Ever
  • Suicune, despite the fact that he's the first Big Damn Hero other than Mew and Celebi to not speak human.
    • Now technically Mew had an interpreter, and Celebi is good at conveying what it wants to say by miming and cheerful squeaks.
  • What about when Onix smacked a Tyrannitar right into the middle of a lake?
    • Considering than Tyrannitar is a pseudo-Legendary (at the time, only the second ever introduced), and that this one was power-enhanced by the IMM's Dark Balls...yeah, it counts. A lot. No wonder it evolved into a Steelix later down the line (albeit offscreen).
  • How about Bayleef defeating Scizor? Let that sink in...Bayleef, a second-stage grass type beating Scizor, a fully evolved Steel/Bug type, both of which resist grass.
  • All of the forest Pokémon giving the Marauder his karma at the end of the film. Special note in that Caterpie and Weedle are the first to make him pay.

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