Tear Jerker / Pokémon 4Ever

  • While everyone else is asleep, Ash finds Sammy is still awake. Turns out he's worried about his mother, who he imagines has long since stopped worrying about what happened to him, if she's even still around...
  • When Celebi has a Disney Death. Ash hopelessly tries to put him in the purified water to heal him, but it does not work. Ash then tries to put berries into Celebi's mouth, but Celebi does not eat it. Ash, along with everyone else, starts crying his eyes out, as does the audience. Thankfully, Celebi gets better.
    • Even worse is Sam's quote right after that.
      Sam: (sobbing heavily) Celebi didn't do anything wrong. it was a human being that forced Celebi to destroy the forest. Celebi didn't even have a choice. (grunts) It can't have a choice. Now it's too late to choose because Celebi is gonna DIE! (Breaks down in tears)
  • When Celebi returns Sammy to his own time.
    Sammy: Thank you all for everything. Maybe I'll see you again, someday.
    Ash: (starts to tear up as he waves goodbye) I know we will!