Awesome / Perfect Strangers

  • The theme music, a Awesome Music moment.
  • Anytime Balki goes into Badass Adorable mode. This involves him standing up to Mr. Twinkacetti in 'Knock Knock... Who's There?', standing up to an armed burglar in 'Life Savers' and beating Zoltan in a duel in 'Family Feud'.
  • In "He's the Boss," a new manager for the paper gives Balki a big promotion but it has little real responsibility. It turns out the man is a bigot who was "forced" by federal law to give a foreigner a job and chose Balki just to prove "those guys" can't hack it. He talks to Balki and Larry about it, snapping that Balki is "taking a job that belongs to a real American" and fires both of them. At which point, the paper's owner, Mr. Wainwright, pops up from under the desk, having overheard everything and declares "I'll be doing the firing around here!" He axes the manager on the spot, saying there's no room at his paper for bigots and Larry gets in a last shot:
    Larry: As much as you dislike the federal government, I think the unemployment office might be good for you.
    • To top it off, he and Balki celebrate with the Dance of Joy.
  • Larry himself gets one. Gorpley once took all Balki's money in a poker game, so Larry gets in on the next game to try and hustle Balki's money back. Larry uses his reputation as a Know-Nothing Know-It-All to hide the fact that he is an excellent poker player and destroys Gorpley.
  • Mary Ann passionately kissing Balki under the mistletoe way back in Season 2.
  • The Bowling Episode has a major one for Balki. He's the last up to bowl (despite being half blind due to a visit to the eye doctor) and he needs at least a spare for his team to win. He throws his first ball and gets a seven-ten split, a result that normally makes a spare impossible. He makes his second throw anyway. The ball curves just right to hit the seven pin and send it flying into the ten pin, scoring the spare.