Trivia / Perfect Strangers

  • Completely Different Title: Called 'Ein Griech Erobert Chicago' in Germany.
    • Called 'Balki e Larry- Due Perfetti Americani' in Italy.
    • The Brazilian title was Primo Cruzado (literally Crossed Cousin, but also a reference to Brazilian then –mid-80's– currency Cruzado).
  • Cultural Translation: Brazilian dub took it Up to Eleven. Balki's nationality was changed from Greek to Brazilian– more specifically, he was turned into a caipira from the countryside of the state of Minas Gerais, with the corresponding accent, and his name was changed to Zeca (a Brazilian nickname for José or José Carlos).
  • The Danza: Sam Anderson as Sam Gorpley.
  • Recycled Script: "The King and I," where a hypnotist unsuccessfully tries to hypnotize Larry but accidentally hypnotizes Balki into going under whenever he hears a bell ring. It's taken beat-for-beat from the story of an episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show. Amusingly, creator and executive consultant Dale McRaven was a former Dick Van Dyke Show writer.
  • What Could Have Been: The show was originally called "The Greenhorn" and paired Pinchot with comedian Louie Anderson. Things weren't really working out until Mark Lynn-Baker came along and showed great chemistry with Bronson.
  • Working Title: "The Greenhorn" was the original title.