Awesome / Perry Mason

  • "The Case of the Corresponding Corpse": George doesn't quite grasp the depths of the hole he has just dug for himself. Ruth, the woman who has fallen in love with him and cared deeply enough to search for him after he left his apartment with no warning, takes him down verbally very effectively:
    Ruth Whittaker: When you told me you cared, I was stupid enough to think you meant it!
    George: Ruthie, please, people'll hear you.
    Ruth: I don't care. I'm not ashamed. I only made the same mistake thousands of women make. I believed a man when he told me he loved me.
  • "The Case of the Curious Bride": A rather milquetoasty man, Carl Reynolds, who in his early 30s, has married a woman his domineering father disapproves of; it's clear he doesn't trust her at all and thinks she's just after an inheritance.
    Perry Mason: ... I've already accepted a retainer from Mrs. Reynolds.
    Mason: Hm, perhaps it wasn't very large, but she also gave me something else.
    Carl's father: What was that?
  • "The Case of the Shattered Dream": Adolph Van Beers is getting ready to cleave the legitimate Pundit's Dream diamond. The daughter of his long-time friend reassures him that even if he fails, she won't think badly of him. Perry Mason also points out that what matters more than whether he can do it or not is his own sense of self-worth. He proceeds to successfully cleave the diamond in one strike, and his friend Schoenfeld, who had earlier given an indirect "The Reason You Suck" Speech in court congratulates him.
    • Doubles as a moment of heartwarming.